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Jeston Dulin

We are pleased to welcome Jeston Dulin as the newest member of The Tutoring Center, Kansas City team. 

Jeston is currently finishing up his Masters Degree in Creative Writing at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. He has been teaching English at the college level for the past 3 years. Living in the heart of Kansas City, Jeston has a wife, a dog, and a cat at home.

Jeston enjoys tutoring because of the focus and growth that one-on-one instruction provides. His favorite part about The Tutoring Center is how The Rotational Approach to Learning is able to adapt to the needs of all levels of student achievement. 

If Jeston could have any super power, it would be telekinesis. When asked why, he exclaimed, “It’s versatile and would make life immensely easier”. 

When it comes to his favorite animal, the penguin is his current favorite because they are always well-dressed and know how to have fun.


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