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We are pleased to honor our senior intern, Valerie Venier, in this month’s Tutor Spotlight. 

Valerie is a 4.0 senior standout at Liberty North High School. She is co-president of the National Honor Society, a contributing member of the Key Club, a cello player in the orchestra, and a member of the swim team.

In her free time, Valerie enjoys gardening, cooking, baking, swimming, playing the cello, and “starting random projects that sometimes get finished.” When it comes to her favorite animal, Valerie really likes dogs because of the level of companionship that they can provide. Her favorite food is chocolate chip cookies, and her favorite color is yellow.

When asked why she enjoys tutoring, Valerie responded, “I enjoy being able to pass my knowledge on to others and witness the intellectual growth of students.” Valerie says she also “loves the organized and meticulous approach to learning at The Tutoring Center.”

If Valerie could have any super power, it would be telekinesis because if she could move objects with her mind, then she “wouldn’t have to get off the lawnmower to move sticks that are too big to run over.”

We are glad to have you at the center, Valerie!


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