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This month we are excited to highlight Sean Purdue in our Tutor Spotlight. Originally from Liberty, Sean is currently a student at the University of Missouri - Kansas City where he is majoring in civil engineering. He is also a skillful musician who plays both the violin and piano. 

In his free time, Sean enjoys hiking, kayaking, music, reading, and investing. His favorite food is a toss up between apple pie and peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Sean’s favorite animal is any breed of herding dogs because of their incredible combination of intelligence, loyalty, and energy.

Sean’s favorite color is green — like new spring leaves. If he could have any superpower, Sean would choose the ability to control water. He’s wanted this ability ever since watching the show Avatar: The Lost Airbender as a child.

Sean says he likes tutoring because he enjoys helping students learn. He likes getting to know each student’s individual interests and then incorporating those interests into how he teaches each student. He finds that students learn better when curriculum is connected to their interests. 

Welcome to the Center, Sean!


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