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We are pleased to showcase Sarah Tustison in this month’s Tutor Spotlight. Sarah is one of our ACT & SAT Test Prep math instructors.

Sarah is a graduate of Truman State University with a B.A. in Mathematics and a minor in Art History. She is currently a math teacher at Frontier School of Excellence. Sarah has a husband, an adorable 4-month-old son Quentin, and two cats named Willow and Elm.

Camels are Sarah’s favorite animal. She collects camel figurines and has over 100 different pieces in her collection. Sarah’s hobbies consist of playing with her son, scrapbooking, and playing Dungeons & Dragons.

If she could have any superpower, Sarah would choose teleportation. This is so that she would never have to drive in traffic.

Sarah enjoys tutoring because she likes being able to help students realize their potential. Her favorite part about The Tutoring Center is being part of a team where everyone works hard to help students succeed. 

We are glad to have you at the center, Sarah!


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