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We are pleased to honor one of our fantastic senior interns, Ramsey Davies, in this month’s Tutor Spotlight. 

A Senior at Liberty High School, Ramsey is heavily involved in the science department at school, as well as an active member of several organizations. Ramsey serves as the president and founder of Learn for Knowledge, Not for Points, is on the leadership team of the Medical Leaders of Tomorrow Club, and is an active member of Key Club.

In her free time, Ramsey enjoys classical ballet, working out, reading, and having intense discussions with friends. When it comes to her favorite food, Ramsey loves nachos…but they MUST be deluxe-style. She says, “nachos aren’t nachos without fun protein, fancy queso, homemade salsa, guacamole, and loads of sour cream.”

Ramsey enjoys tutoring because she has a passion for learning and education. She had a health science teacher who helped develop that passion, and Ramsey wants to instill this in other students to help them see personal value in learning.

We are so grateful for the positive impact Ramsey has on our students!


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