The Tutoring Center, Kansas City MO 



We are excited to showcase our senior intern, Olivia Cotton! Olivia is going to be a senior at Liberty High School this fall. 
Olivia is actively involved in the Speech and Debate program and political organizations, as well as a variety of different clubs and leadership positions. As a two-time National Qualifier to the National Speech and Debate tournament in U.S. Extemporaneous Speaking, she can often be found catching up on the latest news and staying informed about current events! 
In her free time, Olivia enjoys hanging out with friends, watching Netflix, working out, and spending time outdoors. Olivia’s favorite color is maroon and her favorite animal is her cat, Pompeii. Her favorite foods are Jimmy John’s sandwiches and any and all types of salads. 
If she could have any superpower, Olivia would choose the ability to know the right thing to say or do at all times. She loves listening and helping others, so always being able to provide the best quality feedback would be her ideal power.
Olivia enjoys tutoring because she believes that by sharing her own knowledge and building meaningful connections with students, she is able to create a lasting impact on students’ educational experiences.We are glad to have you at the Center, Olivia!


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