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Natalie Spivey is in the Tutor Spotlight this month. A recent graduate from Missouri Western State University with a degree in International Studies, Natalie dreams of one day teaching English abroad.

In college, Natalie tutored English and French and says she enjoys tutoring because she likes working with students one on one. She also likes its similarities to teaching. Natalie has been at The Tutoring Center since October, and she says she enjoys The Tutoring Center because “the students are respectful and like to learn. It’s a nice, positive environment.”

Let’s get to know Natalie a little bit better. Natalie wishes she could learn to fly because it would allow her to travel more and maybe get over her fear of heights! Natalie’s favorite food is chocolate chip cookies. Finally, her favorite color is dark blue (like the Ford emblem, not sky blue or baby blue!).

In her free time, Natalie can be found reading, hiking or horseback riding. This would explain why her favorite animal is a horse! She thinks they’re smart, beautiful and fun to be around.

We are glad to have you at the Center, Natalie!


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