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This month we are excited to highlight our newest senior intern, Molly Blackburn, in our Tutor Spotlight. Molly is currently a top-level senior at Liberty North High School. She does sound design for the school's productions and has been involved with theatre since the 8th grade. As a participant in the Educational Internship Program at LNHS, Molly also works with students at Heritage Middle School in their theatre and speech classrooms.

Coming from a large family, Molly is the youngest of eight children with five older sisters and two older brothers. She describes her dog, Rocky, as the sweetest dog ever, and he has turned dogs into her favorite animals. If she could have any superpower, Molly would choose the ability to teleport so that she could get around much easier.

Molly has always enjoyed school, especially math, so she likes being able to help others learn through tutoring. She is drawn to The Tutoring Center because of the Rotational Approach and how it keepsstudents continually engaged and excited to learn.

We are glad to have you at the Center, Molly!


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