The Tutoring Center, Kansas City MO 


We are pleased to honor Michael Pennella in this month’s Tutor Spotlight. 

A second year student at UMKC, Michael is part of their distinguished and highly selective 6-year BA/MD program. Although he graduated from Rock Bridge HS in Columbia, MO, Michael and his family enjoyed getting to live in a variety of places throughout the years: Texas, California, Columbia, and now Kansas City.

In his free time, Michael enjoys playing video games (both alone and against friends), dabbling in art, and volunteering. Without any hesitation, cats are Michael’s favorite animal, even though he is mildly allergic! His family has two Russian Blue cats named Harry and Ron. 

When it comes to his favorite food, Michael says that it will always be fried rice! Not only is fried rice a favorite comfort food, but Michael loves how the ingredients can always be customized. Whenever he makes fried rice, he makes sure that no two recipes are ever the same.

Michael’s favorite color is royal blue because it is a very tranquil and calming color with a very deep and rich hue. We are so grateful for the positive impact Michael has on our students!


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