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This month we are excited to introduce Mary Humphrey! Mary is an instructor in our academic programs, as well as in the ACT test prep programs.

Mary recently graduated from the University of Notre Dame with degrees in Math and English. As the oldest of four children, Mary feels very close to her siblings and always strives to be compassionate and loyal to them.

Mary has always loved sharks because they’re mysterious and cool, but if she could pick a mythical creature as her favorite animal, it would have to be dragons! 

Mary’s favorite hobby is writing. She enjoys creating short stories, novels, and poetry. Mary’s other hobbies are sports, especially volleyball, reading, logic puzzles, and spending time with friends.

When asked about why she likes tutoring, Mary said, “People are kind of like puzzles. Each person is different, and you have to figure out what techniques help them learn best. Also, I love learning, so helping someone else find their ‘eureka’ moment is very satisfying and fulfilling for me.”

Welcome to the Center, Mary!


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