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We are pleased to showcase Makana Brooks in this month’s Tutor Spotlight. Makana is one of our senior interns and is at the top of her class at Liberty High School.

Makana spent her entire junior year living and studying in Bulgaria as part of a student exchange program. She is a double bass player and is a member of both the orchestra and jazz band at LHS. After graduation, Makana looks forward to serving as a member of AmeriCorps.

In her free time, Makana enjoys reading, playing bass, and debating. Her main hobby, though, is language learning. She’s always been interested in linguistics and desires to become a true polyglot!

If she could have any superpower, Makana would want the power to solve all math problems, no matter how difficult or complex, in her head. Her favorite food is moussaka: a type of Bulgarian casserole.

Makana enjoys tutoring because she enjoys helping people. Tutors and mentors have played a large role in her educational career, and she hopes to make an impact on other students’ learning journeys.

We are glad to have you at the Center, Makana!


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