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We are pleased to highlight one of our newest instructors, Joseph Duncan, in this month’s Tutor Spotlight. 
Joseph is a graduate of Liberty North High School and will be a junior in civil engineering at William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri, this fall. You can also find him behind the scenes working on lighting in the theatre department.
A fan of mac and cheese, Joseph is also partial to the color of red velvet — whether that’s the cake or the fabric remains a mystery! For fun, Joseph reads, plays video games, and enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends.
In line with his penchant for fictional risk-taking, Joseph said that he would love the ability to teleport; however, he would not want the ability to control where he’s going. Whether he’s headed to a beautiful island or the beautiful island’s magma-filled volcano, he wants it to be a surprise.
Before becoming a tutor, Joseph saw first-hand the effectiveness when his younger brother was enrolled at The Tutoring Center. When asked why he enjoys tutoring, Joseph responded, “I enjoy academia in its entirety, and helping others to learn and progress is an exceptionally exciting and satisfying experience.”
We are glad to have you at the center, Joseph!


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