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We are pleased to showcase James Sisson in this month’s Tutor Spotlight. A 2017 Liberty North High School graduate, James is currently attending Maple Woods Community College. 

Over the years, James has been involved in numerous activities and organizations. Among these are theater, International Thespian Society, Drama Club, Chamber Choir, and Concert Choir.

In his spare time, James enjoys learning about new things, playing the piano, and occasionally watching Netflix. If he could have any superpower, James would choose the ability to fly so that he could save money on gas and avoid traffic. 

When it comes to his favorite food, James says that it has to be the dessert chess squares (aka butter cake). Yellow is his favorite color and humpback whales are his favorite animal because they are incredible to see up close and in person.

James enjoys tutoring because “it’s fun working with the kids and seeing the great progress they make along the way.” We are glad to have you at the Center, James!


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