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We are pleased to showcase one of our senior interns, Harrison Gates, in this month’s Tutor Spotlight. Harrison is currently a senior at Liberty North High School. While still undecided about his plans after graduation, Harrison is leaning toward studying actuarial science at the University of Nebraska. 

Harrison has been an active member of several extracurricular activities: Student Council, Model UN, Educators Rising, National Honor Society, cross country, track, symphonic orchestra, and Metropolitan Youth Orchestra.  In his free time, Harrison enjoys running, reading, and playing the cello.

Harrison’s favorite animals are monkeys because they are clever and share many similarities to humans. His favorite color is green, and his favorite food is anything containing peanut butter! If he could have any superpower, Harrison would choose teleportation.

When asked what he enjoys most about tutoring, Harrison responded, “I really like tutoring because I enjoy working with each individual student to help them achieve at their highest level.” 

We are glad to have you at the Center, Harrison!


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