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We are pleased to showcase Grace Cotton, our newest intern, in this month’s Tutor Spotlight.

Grace is a top student at Liberty High School and is part of the debate team. She has also been involved with Key Club and Mock Trial. On top of her busy school schedule, she also works at The Tutoring Center and at the new Liberty movie theater. 

Grace claims to be boring, but we know better. While she isn’t sure what her favorite color is (it’s a toss up between pale pink and burgundy), she does know her buffalo wings. As a wing aficionado, she says the best place to find them in Kansas City is The Peanut downtown. 

Dogs are her favorite animal because they’re cute. She admits to being a bit biased, however, as she happens to have two of them! If she could have any superpower, it would be the ability to talk to and understand everyone with ease, no matter the language barrier.

When asked what she enjoys most about tutoring, Grace said it’s helping kids learn and all the friendly people she encounters.

We are glad to have you at the Center, Grace!


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