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We are pleased to showcase Alex Millhuff in this month’s Tutor Spotlight. Alex is an undergraduate student at William Jewell College and is studying Chemistry. Alex plans to pursue a career in medicine.

As a member of the William Jewell College swim team, Alex is a prolific student-athlete. She was honored as a 2016 selection to the Academic All-Great Lakes Valley Conference team.

Along with swimming, Alex also enjoys running and traveling in her free time. The Grand Canyon is one of her favorite places she has visited.

Dogs are Alex’s favorite animal because they are fluffy and make great companions. If she could have any superpower, Alex would choose time manipulation so that she could accomplish everything she wants to do and still get enough sleep!

Alex enjoys tutoring because she likes helping students discover that they can always move forward even when faced with challenges. Her favorite part about The Tutoring Center is how well everyone works together as a team to help students succeed. 

We are glad to have you at the center, Alex!


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