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We are pleased to honor Brynne Davis in this week’s Tutor Spotlight. 

Brynne is going to be a Senior at Liberty North High School in the Fall where she has distinguished herself among the top-performing students in her class. Brynne has a passion for math, science, and leadership. She is an active member of many organizations including Student Council, Student Ambassador Executive Council, National Honor Society, Spanish Honors Society, and the Missouri State 4-H Council.

Brynne enjoys tutoring because she believes “anything is possible if you put your mind to it”, and she wants to help students discover all that is possible. She says her favorite parts about working at The Tutoring Center are the positive people and the positive environment.

Pugs rank among Brynne’s favorite animals because she has one named “Penny”, and she is intrigued by the fact that the Chinese bred them to look like lions. Her favorite food is any homemade baked good, and purple and blue are in a tie for her favorite color.

If Brynne could have any super power, it would be the ability to read minds so that she could gain perspective into how others view the world.


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