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Tips to Help Your Child With Their Writing Assignments

If it seems like your high school student is constantly working on an essay, it's because they probably are. Most high school students will have to complete quite a few essays for different classes regularly. While it may seem like a lot of writing, this is actually a good introduction to how much essay writing they will have to do in college. To help them successfully tackle their five paragraph essays, check out these tips.

Choose the Structure

The structure of your child's paper will depend on their assignment. Most academic essays that are assigned in high school will follow the five-paragraph format which includes an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. However, this isn't the only format they will have to know. Your child may be asked to write a speech, a three paragraph essay, or even a creative writing piece. No matter what they've been assigned, make sure the structure they will use is clear before starting to write.

Organized Thoughts

Once they've selected the structure for their written piece, help them get their thoughts and ideas organized. They may start by deciding what stance they're taking on a subject or by deciding what they want to communicate with their thesis statement. Once this is clear, they will need to find supporting evidence that they can turn into paragraphs. Have them jot down some ideas and some details to support these. Once this is clear, they should decide the order this will be presented in so that their paper makes sense and is easy to follow. Creating an outline or map is a great way to keep this all organized so that the writing portion is much easier.

Don't Skip Proofreading

Finally, once your child is done writing, this isn't quite the end yet. If your child has completed their work well before it's due, then they have plenty of time to proofread their own work. Once this is done, they can also have some of their peers read their paper and give them feedback. Instead of ignoring this feedback, have your child consider how it can help strengthen their work. You can even help them find ways to improve their paper using the feedback they were given.

Writing Tutoring in Kansas City

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