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Nowadays, children have their schedules loaded with activities, often organized by their parents, not only during the school year but also on vacations and that could be a sign of hyperstimulation, dependency, and overprotection. While a little bit of leisure is good from time to time, oversaturation isn't the best way for them to cope with their spare time. Letting your children get bored gives them the opportunity to think for themselves and invent their own games while developing their creative skills. It allows them to open their mind to new ideas and gain autonomy when it comes to learning for themselves. To overcome boredom, one must strive and learn to beat frustration while stimulating imagination. It's advised to stop being so adamant when organizing your child's leisure time. Boredom is an opportunity to invent their own games, it's useful to break their routine and awaken their imagination. Though, you should be careful when their boredom is resolved with videogames and TV since children are prone to be dependant on electronic gadgets.

Read to Kill Boredom

Boredom is an opportunity to be amused by reading. This activity is not only essential for a good academic, and professional, performance, but also for personal and emotional development. Reading is the basis of all learning and helps to cultivate language, sensitivity, and imagination.

Give Them a Chance to Entertain Themselves

Finally, the secret to avoiding boredom is to devise resources that will keep children entertained, thereby, spark their creativity. Keep in mind that boredom allows children to connect with themselves to discover and fulfill their passions, so it's suggested to be easy on them without loading a bunch of activities into their schedule just to keep them busy.

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