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How to Help Your Child Build Their Vocabulary

A strong vocabulary is a great tool in just about every environment, especially when it comes to academics. Not only will it help your child understand things more clearly, it can also help your child express him or herself better. The Tutoring Center in Kansas City has some useful tips to help your child broaden their vocabulary.

Encourage More Reading

It's not secret that being an avid reader will help you expand your vocabulary. Because of this, it's important that you encourage your child to develop a healthy reading habit early on. Before your child can even read, it's a good idea to read to them. Once your child can read, sit down and read together every day. Stop at new words your child doesn't recognize and explain their meanings. Allow your child to pick reading material that interests them, and remember that reading different types of publications can introduce you both to new words. Change it up once in a while and include books, magazines and newspapers in your reading material.

Use the Newly Learned Words

Don't just stop at learning a new word, be sure it sticks by having your child use it. One great way to do this is by having your child write. Encourage your child to start a journal or even an online blog where they can write about any subject they like. They can use these spaces to practice incorporating the new words they learn into their everyday vocabulary.

Play Fun Word Games

Fun word games present the chance to encourage learning new words without turning it into a chore. On long car rides, give your child activity books that include crossword puzzles and other fun word games. At home, get the family together and play board games that encourage learning, like Scrabble. You can also come up with fun jingles with your child to help you both remember what a new word means. Make things fun and your child is sure to absorb the lesson.

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