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How to Transition to a New School Successfully

Moving to a new school where your child doesn't know anyone can be quite daunting. If your child is dreading the first day of school because it means they'll be the new student, use these tips to turn their stress into excitement.

Talk About the Move

Before the first day of school arrives, allow your child to voice all of their concerns about this move. You may not realize just how stressed your child is about their first day of school until you sit down to listen to their worries. While listening, do your best to validate their feelings instead of telling them they have nothing to worry about. Reassure your child that you'll be there for them along the way and ensure that they know they can always talk to you.

Visit the School

One of your child's concerns may be that they don't know their way around their new school. To get them more comfortable with the campus, take them on a visit to the school. You can help them identify their classrooms and other important areas, like the cafeteria and the front office.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

Although your child may struggle to see the positives, your attitude can help make better. Do your best to maintain a positive attitude and ask your child to think about all the good things they may get out of this move. They may make some great new friends, discover a new hobby, or get a better education.

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