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Sharing convivial moments with your children reinforces family ties and nurtures a trustful connection. This post by The Tutoring Center, Kansas City, will show you how to discover and make the most out of these family moments. Parents are not able to devote all the time and attention that they would like to their children. However, if you experience these spare moments with the company of your family, you'll encourage bonds and establish a profound and optimistic connection with them.

Have Dinner with the Family

Dinner is the perfect opportunity to share time with your family, as it's one of the rarely available times in the occupied everyday schedule of all family members. Let everybody gather around at the table, without cell phones or disturbances that could divert focus, and talk about the most important stories of your day. In this comfortable setting, children will be more prone to chat about their day-to-day, talk about their experiences and show their concerns and aspirations.

Help Them with Their Homework

You can't join your children in school or their football lessons, nor can you take them with you to the office. Nonetheless, you could engage in some activities, like joining them while they do homework at home. Demonstrate the process of any activities they don't understand well, question them about their lessons, or oversee the science project they are doing. Your closeness through these times will positively affect you since you will be showing your children and letting them know about your availability to guide them. This will boost their motivation and enhance their academic performance.

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