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How Your Child Can Benefit from Reading Tutoring

Whether your child is just learning to read or is an avid reader, reading tutoring can help them improve their skills.

Start with Phonics

Children who are just learning to read will benefit from some extra phonics practice. Practicing phonics means your child will learn to identify letters and relate them to the sounds they make. As they learn the sounds each letter is associated with, they will then be able to sound out words. This is the base of reading and should be worked on starting at an early age.

Introduce Reading Comprehension

Once your child is able to read words and sentences, they need to master reading comprehension. This skill is often tested by having children read a short text and then identify the main idea of it. Since this skill requires some level of multitasking, it can prove to be a bit difficult. A reading tutor can work on this skill with your child by going back and sorting through the information in the text. This will help your child pinpoint the main idea as well as the supporting information.

Improve Reading Fluency

Your child's reading fluency is measured by their ability to read a text correctly, at the proper pace, and with the correct expression. This means that as they read, they are also processing the information in the text. Reading fluency can only be reached if your child has mastered phonics, understands the purpose of punctuation, and is able to comprehend the message in a text. If your child is just learning to read or is struggling with fluency, a tutor can help them work their way up to it.

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The tutors at The Tutoring Center, Kansas City MO can help your child excel in reading. The academic programs they offer can help your child reach their academic potential in a variety of subjects. Call them at (816) 781-0000 to learn more about these programs and their tutoring approach.


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