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Encourage Extracurricular Activities

If your child has been asking to join an after-school activity, the best thing you can do is encourage them! By allowing them to participate in extracurricular activities, you can be helping them grow in many other ways. To learn more about why these activities are so important, keep reading.

Take a Productive Break

Many students put all of their efforts into school, but they may benefit from other activities that allow them to explore their passions beyond their books. Not only can they explore new areas, but after-school activities are also an excellent way for your child to take a productive break from studying. Getting some physical activity while participating in a sport or allowing their creative side to flow in an art class can help their studying be more effective. They will feel more refreshed and alert when it comes time to study.

Keep an Open Mind

Certain activities can help your child keep an open mind and be more tolerant. For example, language classes or cooking classes can help your students learn about different cultures and practices. This will help them be more respectful of the things that make us all different. Volunteering or performing community service can also open up their world. By helping their community, your child may meet new people and learn about community issues they otherwise would have never encountered.

Increase Self Esteem

If your child often feels like they're not good at anything, enrolling them in an activity, they're good at can change this. Look for an activity they like and are a natural at. While their classes may challenge them and help them grow, your child may feel more in their element, helping their self-esteem increase. They will also interact with other students who share their interests, allowing them to be more social and self-confident.

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