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The decision to close schools to stop, in part, the expansion of COVID-19 is a measure that was as much surprise for everyone as it was a concern. Children who initially thought this meant an early vacation, have realized that this is nothing of that sort, so it's important to establish a healthy work rhythm at home.

Manage Their Daily Schedule

It is important to maintain a daily routine as much as possible. Just as during the school year, children have a class schedule, extracurricular activities, study time and leisure, this should also be mirrored at home at this point. Of course, it will be a more flexible routine, you don't need to get up at 7 in the morning if you don't want to, or sit 6 hours studying non-stop but, in this daily routine, you should consider the following.

Study Time

Preferably in the morning, but should be evaluated according to the needs of each child. Some will be able to last several hours working; however, others will need to divide their work between morning and afternoon.

Leisure Time and Tech Breaks

Playing alone and with family, doing crafts, doing sports, etc., are activities that help to keep the brain active and entertained. Now, just as before, the Tablet or mobile phone can't be used irresponsibly, therefore the child or teen in question shouldn't be allowed to waste their time on gadgets.

Academic Tutoring in Kansas City

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