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The SAT is a standardized, college entrance exam, taken yearly by more than 2 million students. This exam is accepted in almost every university in the US, and serves as a way to check your college preparedness, where you should be placed, and whether you can skip some of the prerequisites of the university. The SAT is also a great way to get into the college of your choice, receive financial aid, and perhaps most importantly, to receive a scholarship! Of course, a great SAT score is not the only thing you will need to get into the college of your choice, but it is an excellent place to start. Here at The Tutoring Center in Kansas City we’d like to share a few tips for the sections, as well as some general information that will help you to do your best!

Reading Section

- Each section is structured differently. Here the trick is to read the entire selection before attempting to answer the questions. Some responses may be worded in a way that you could be confused if you did not read, and make the incorrect selection. 

Writing Section

- Pick the clearest and most concise answer, remembering that some responses will be only partially correct and that you should choose the most correctKnow that you’ll have 25 minutes to write an essay in response to a writing prompt that will be provided
- To organize your essay you should use the 5 paragraph format. Start by briefly responding to the prompt and stating evidence, in an introduction. 
- Use the next 2 paragraphs to respond in more detail, and expound on your evidences. Lastly, use the conclusion to restate your response and evidences to the prompt. 

Math Section

- The easier problems are at the beginning of this section and then you work your way to the more difficult concepts.
- Remember this and try to take as little time as possible in the beginning to give yourself the extra time you’ll need for those more difficult questions
- There is not a penalty for incorrect answers, therefore if you don’t know, guess. You’ll receive points for a correct guess, but not have points taken away for an incorrect guess. This is not true on the reading section, but it is for the math section. 

General Tips

- Sleep well the night before and eat well in the morning!Bring a protein filled snack to get you through the second half of the exam
- Don’t forget a photo ID as it will be required to enter the testing center
- Two number 2 pencils and a calculator are the general materials you’ll need
- Scratch paper will be provided and you’ll need to turn this in at the end of the exam, along with your test booklet

If you have already taken the test once and feel that you can get a better score, don’t hesitate to contact us at The Tutoring Center to schedule an assessment and to register for our SAT Prep classes. Though the first time you should ideally take the SAT is in the first months of your Junior year, but know that you have the time to improve the score before final college applications are due. Give us a call today for a free assessment and for tutoring in Kansas City, 816-781-0000.  


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