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The holidays are approaching, and the colder weather means your child needs some indoor activities to enjoy. Take this opportunity to foster a love of reading in your child so they can reap the many rewards; it’s a vital academic skill, it aids overall mental development and, perhaps most importantly, it’s immensely enjoyable! These tips courtesy of The Tutoring Center in Kansas City will put you on the right track.

Start early

Child psychologists and professional educators are in unanimous agreement (a rare thing indeed) that the earlier you start involving your child in reading, the more likely it is to become a lifelong habit. If you have a young child, be sure to read aloud to them while they learn to read for themselves. If your child can already read independently, ask them to read to you instead!

Visit your local library

Libraries are not just buildings full of books, most also put on events and run activities to promote reading, so take full advantage of your local library. If you are stuck for ideas on which books your child might enjoy, you could ask a librarian—it’s their specialty, after all.

Lead by example

It’s likely that your child looks to you to provide a model for their behaviour in every part of their life, and this includes their reading habits. If your child sees you engaged in reading and enjoying yourself, they’re likely to want to join in - so set an example and pick up a book! Getting involved in your child’s reading is a great way to encourage them, too. Ask them lots of questions about what they’re reading, who their favorite character is, ask them to tell you the story so far, and so on.

Promote independence

Depending on how independent your child likes to be, they may appreciate reading as an opportunity to have some quiet alone time. This can be very valuable in developing self-confidence and an independent spirit, so if they appear to be happier reading solo than reading with you, don’t feel put out - this is completely normal.

Create positive associations

Christmas is approaching, so you may be starting to think about gifts to give your child. If you give books as gifts, they’re likely to contribute to your child having positive associations with reading in general. Creating a library space in your home that your child is free to decorate as they wish will also help them feel positive about reading.

You may have a parent - teacher conference coming up before the holidays. If you do, make sure to read our suggested questions to ask your child’s teacher to ensure you’re kept in the loop. 

If your child needs extra help with their reading, or indeed with any subject, then The Tutoring Center is here to help. Our expert tutors offer support tailored to each child’s unique strengths and weakness and learning style. Call 816-781-0000 to schedule tutoring in Kansas City today.


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