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What Are the Signs of Low Self-Esteem?

To help you determine if your children have low self-esteem, you should look out for the following signs. They could be everyday responses to how your children relate to the world around them, or they can occur only occasionally in specific situations. When they become a repetitive pattern of behavior, you should be able to perceive the existence of a problem and seek professional assistance to work with them as soon as possible.
  • Your child avoids a task or challenge without even trying: This often indicates a fear of failure or a feeling of helplessness.
  • Gives up shortly after starting a game or task, giving up at the first sign of frustration.
  • Cheat or lie when they think they are are going to lose a game or not get a good result.
  • Shows signs of regression, acting like a small child or in a silly way: This type of behavior causes other children to call them insulting names, adding taunts to the equation.
  • They become controlling, domineering, and inflexible as a way to hide feelings of inadequacy, frustration, or helplessness.
  • Come up excuses ("The football coach is stupid") or downplay the importance of events ("I didn't want to go that party anyway"), use this type of rationalization to blame others or external forces.

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