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Activities to Keep Your Child Learning on a Rainy Day

As rainy days approach, it's a good time to prepare for the oncoming cries of boredom from your child. Instead of having them mindlessly watch television for hours on end, try out some of these fun rainy day activities that will keep their mind active.

Practice Motor Skills

Younger students may still need to work on their motor skills in order to improve other skills, like their handwriting. Luckily, there are plenty of fun activities your child can practice in order to improve these skills. Paper crafts are a great way to practice their motor skills because they involve plenty of cutting. Beading and sewing require some precision as well and will result in a cool new bracelet or trinket your child can be proud of. You can also work together on a puzzle or try making origami out of paper.

Bring Your Reading to Life

Instead of just grabbing a book and reading silently, have some fun with your reading together. Have your child pick out a book they like and bring the book to life. You can take turns reading out loud while making different voices for each character in the story. Another fun approach is to act out the story together.

Move Around

Children can often get restless after sitting indoors all day, so add some fun activities to their day that involve movement. Consider setting up a scavenger hunt for them inside the house or build a fun obstacle course for them to complete. You can also play a game like charades, just pick a theme that relates to something they're learning in school and get started.

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