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Have a Successful Parent-Teacher Conference

The beginning of the school year often means parent-teacher conferences are coming up. These give parents and teachers the opportunity to meet and plan for a successful school year. Before your parent-teacher conference, use these tips to prepare for a successful meeting.

Prepare a List of Questions

As a parent, you may already have questions and concerns you want the teacher's help with. Write all of these down in a list and carry this list with you in the days leading up to your conference. As you come up with more questions, add these to your list. This will ensure you don't forget anything on the day of your meeting. Prioritize your questions so that you address the most important first.

Know What to Expect

It's very likely that your child's teacher sent some information home on the first days of school. Before your parent-teacher conference, be sure you've read all of it and understand it. This will help ensure you're all caught up and don't waste time asking the teacher questions that are addressed in this information. It will also help you develop more specific questions for your meeting.

Listen When the Teacher Is Talking

You may be ready with your questions, but don't forget that the teacher also has things they want to talk about. Let the teacher speak and listen to what they are communicating with you. Your child's teacher is a great resource and will give you tons of information that will help you and your child have a great school year.

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