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Tips for Helping Your Child Succeed in School in Kansas City

It is proven that parents active in their children's education find their students do better in school. Being active does not mean attending an occasional parent-teacher conference. Here are some extra steps you can take to help your child improve academic performance.

Making Time for Your Child

Put specific dates and times on your calendar dedicated to your child. During that period, focus all your love and attention on your child. The more time you spend, the more it pays off.

Reading with Your Child

You should read to your child as often as possible. The more you time you spend reading, the more your child is encouraged to read. Implement DEAR times- Drop Everything And Read- when everyone in the family sits and reads quietly for an uninterrupted period.

Build Responsibility

Make sure your children understand the consequences of their actions and take responsibility for them. If she studies for her test, she gets a good grade and a reward. If she sleeps late, she misses breakfast.

Encourage Learning

Take every opportunity you can to teach your child. Ask her what change you will get at the store, and let her keep it if she gets it right. Have him start a collection, which will teach him a new way of seeing the world. Talk about geography by finding places on the globe where your everyday household products are made.

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