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The SAT is a standardized, college entrance exam, taken yearly by more than 2 million students. This exam is accepted in almost every university in the US, and serves as a way to check your college preparedness, where you should be placed, and whether you can skip some of the prerequisites of the...
We all know that organization can be an important first step in ensuring a great school year, and admittedly, for some of us it is harder than for others. However, with organization comes so many benefits, such as cleaner spaces and better study habits. At The Tutoring Center in Liberty-Kansas...
As summer is over, it is time to get back into the routine and schedule of school. You are hopefully beginning this school year with optimism and set goals. At The Tutoring Center of Liberty-Kansas City we want to help you prepare to become a better student this year, with six easy tips to more...
Summer is a great time to have fun under the Sun. However, your children also need to practice what they learned in school in order to be ready for the new grade!

In this post, The Tutoring Center in Kansas City will share with you a few activities your children can do to practice the lessons...
School in the Kansas City area started around August 15.  By this weekend, the students will have about four weeks of school time for the year. If a parent hasn't yet checked the grades of their student, two or three weeks from now, a surprise could be lurking in the grade...
In the first two weeks of school, what should you be looking for in your child and his school experience? First, listen to what they say about the class, school and teacher.  Some students will only give a really short answer right after school, but later in the evening when they have...
We are just two short months from the start of school.  If your student struggled spring semester, take this opportunity to let us help prepare for the fall...
Here are some great questions to take to your Parent-Teacher Conference:

1. What subjects and skills will my child be expected to master this year?
2. Is my child working to the best of his or her ability? How is progress measured?
3. How much time do you expect students to spend on homework...


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