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Reap the Benefits of Winter Tutoring

If you're not sure how your child may benefit from tutoring during their winter break, this post can help you learn about some of the many benefits of winter tutoring.

Prepare for the Next Quarter

Even if your child has done well all school year, they can...

Test Taking Strategies

Do your best on all of your exams this school year with these simple test taking strategies.

Be Prepared for the Exam Day

Preparation for an exam should start at least a couple weeks in advance. Ensure that you don't forget about an important exam by writing down the date...

Tips to Help You Avoid Procrastinating

There's no denying it; we've all fallen victims to procrastination at one time or another. Since we've all experienced it, we know how much stress and anxiety procrastination can bring into our lives. To help your child avoid procrastinating, follow these...

Tips to Help Your Child Transition Back to School This Fall

Help make your child's transition back to school easy with these tips from The Tutoring Center, Kansas City MO.

Get Organized

To have a successful school year, organization is key. Start by having your child write down important...

Tips to Help Your Child Practice Their Math Skills This Summer

Math can be a tricky subject for most students, meaning they are a lot less willing to practice it. Because of this, getting your child to practice their math skills during the summer can prove to be a challenge. The Tutoring...

Fun Summer Writing Activities

No matter how old your child is, summer writing practice will help them put their writing abilities to use while also helping them improve these abilities. The Tutoring Center, Kansas City MO has some tips to encourage children of all ages to write this summer.



Tips to Encourage Your Child to Read This Summer

If your child isn't a big fan of reading, the summer is a perfect time to encourage them to pick up a book and fall in love with reading. If you're not sure how to help a reluctant reader, The Tutoring Center in Kansas City has some useful tips.



How to Ace Your Exams This Spring

If you're stressing out while preparing for your exams this spring, don't stress any longer! There are several steps you can take to prepare for your exams and do great on them. The Tutoring Center in Kansas City has some useful tips that will help you perform...

How to Help Your Child Build Their Vocabulary

A strong vocabulary is a great tool in just about every environment, especially when it comes to academics. Not only will it help your child understand things more clearly, it can also help your child express him or herself better. The Tutoring Center...

How to Use Technology to Learn a Foreign Language

If you want your child to learn a foreign language, the sooner you enroll your child in classes the better. However, classwork and homework won't ensure your child fully grasps the language. The Tutoring Center in Kansas City has some tips you...


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