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How to Use Technology to Learn a Foreign Language

If you want your child to learn a foreign language, the sooner you enroll your child in classes the better. However, classwork and homework won't ensure your child fully grasps the language. The Tutoring Center in Kansas City has some tips you...

Tech Vocabulary for Children

We are living in a digital age, and it is likely that your child is teaching you these vocabulary words already. In case she is not, here is a list of technology terms your child should know to introduce her for the world of computers.
  • Computer - An electronic...

Science Help: Glossary of Terms

Preparing your child for the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) world that will face them as adults does not need to be a challenge. Here are a few terms your child should know. Test your children yourself and ask for examples where...

Avoiding the Winter Break Slide

We all remember how much fun winter break was- sleeping in, playing in the snow, spending hours with TV and video games while the parents were at work. While a bit of play over the break is fine, it is important to not overdo it. Here are a few tips and activities...

Tips for Helping Your Child Succeed in School in Kansas City

It is proven that parents active in their children's education find their students do better in school. Being active does not mean attending an occasional parent-teacher conference. Here are some extra steps you can take to help your...

Math Formulas to Memorize

Here are a few math formulas that will come in handy in your math studies.

Percentage and Percentage Change

To calculate the percentage, divide the part by the whole and multiply by 100: (Part/Whole)*100. For the percentage change, divide the difference by the original...

Learning in the Summer

Have you ever heard of the summer slide?  It's something that can affect your child's learning, and therefore something every parent should be familiar with.  The summer slide is a reference to what happens to young minds when they sit idle for the three months of summer...

Algebra Help: How to Solve Exponents That Are Negative

An exponent represents the number of times you have to multiply a number by itself, but what if the exponent is negative or a fraction? Is it possible to multiply a number by itself a negative number of times or 1/2 times? While it can be a...
So often we hear people use "whom" to appear sophisticated. The irony is that they often misuse the word. Here is a tool to help you notice when "whom" is used incorrectly and how to properly employ it yourself.

Subject vs Object

"Who" and "whom" are relative pronouns and their deployment depends...
School is out and it is time for summer vacation! During these summer months, you may find you have more time with your children. If your child struggles with science, summer vacation can be a great time for him to develop renewed curiosity and interest in the subject. Use this time to make...


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