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We all know that organization can be an important first step in ensuring a great school year, and admittedly, for some of us it is harder than for others. However, with organization comes so many benefits, such as cleaner spaces and better study habits. At The Tutoring Center in Liberty-Kansas City we would like to share SIX steps to help you become a better organized person this year. The best idea is to start organized and stay that way, but if it’s already too late for that, don’t stress. Simply clear it all out and start over. 

Set Goals

Sure, one of your goals should be that you will stay organized this year, but that is not exactly what we mean. Set goals about what you want to accomplish this year, academically and personally. If you know that you are going to have a particularly difficult class, you may have the goal to make at least a “B” in the class, or perhaps you want to get on the soccer team. Whatever the goals, write them down and act accordingly.

Avoid Clutter

Your workspace, locker, and backpack should be free from clutter. It is a lot more difficult to stay organized if you have papers and other things scattered all over the place. It seems simple enough. If you start to see a pile of papers forming, go through them, keep and store the ones you need and throw away those you do not.

Designate a Study Space

Make sure that you have a place in your home specifically set aside for study. Whether you choose the kitchen table, a desk in your room, or on the couch in the living room (without the TV on, of course) find a space and make sure it is fine with your family that you work there. Also have a place, perhaps in the same room, where you are able to put all of your school related items. You should be able to place your backpack, homework, projects, and anything else you will need for school, in this place without it being disturbed.

Write it Down

Saying “I will remember that” or “let me take a picture of the homework” are not good options. You may remember it, but you may not. 
Write it down. Taking a picture of your homework assignments is also not a good plan. Imagine the possibility for distractions when you take out your phone to remember your homework assignments.

Use a Planner

For those things you need to write down, use a planner. Get one that has space for you to write in each day. Write down the assignments as you receive them. If they are due further ahead in the school year, write down when you received the assignment as well as when it is due. It may also help for you to write a reminder between when it was assigned and when it is due.

Break it Up & Work it Out

Figure out your method. If you know that working on the more difficult or less enjoyable assignments first, is the way you are going to get them done, do it. Save the assignments you like the best or dislike the least, until the end. If you need to take a break, take a break. Eat something healthy, wash your face, but then get back to work!

After having taken these steps into consideration, perhaps gotten some help to achieve them, it might still be necessary for assistance in some academic area. At The Tutoring Center we have several programs in place, from reading to advanced math, to help make sure your organization pays off. Give us a call to schedule a diagnostic test with us today, (803)-980-7323.


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