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In the public education system we often find that the class sizes are larger than the ideal, leaving the teacher with less time to spend in individual student instruction. Though we have to make due, all children can benefit with one on one time with their teacher. Since that’s not the reality in education, due to large class sizes, The Tutoring Center in Kansas City would like to remind you that one on one tutoring is the method we’ve chosen to ensure our small clients get the best assistance possible. It is important to know why the one on one tutoring system works so well, and today we would like to help you understand better, by providing three reasons as to why it is such a good method. 

One on one tutoring helps to keep your child focused and engaged in the lesson. When multiple children are in the room together, it is easy for one or two to get distracted. The teacher, focused on teaching the lesson, may not be able to catch on to this quickly, and your child may fall behind. Likewise, with multiple others in the room there are even more causes for distraction in the form of other kids just being kids. However, in one on one tutoring the tutor is solely focused on your child, what he or she is doing, and how well the concepts are being grasped. 

Likewise, one on one tutoring is form fitted to your child. It is focused exactly on what your child needs to learn, and set at his or her pace. There is no need to teach a lesson more quickly than your child will grasp it, as the tutoring focuses specifically on his or her needs and strengths. 

You can also expect that your child will feel comfortable and will be provided the room for individual growth and exploration during his or her tutoring sessions. Since there are no other children in the room, your child does not have to feel intimidated by asking for clarification on concepts he or she does not understand. Your child’s tutor, working exclusively with him or her in the moment, will help to make your child comfortable in knowing that his or her education is the most important thing. Your child is less likely to feel judged or like a question he or she may have is unintelligent, when it is just your child and the tutor. 

Remember that your child can benefit from one on one tutoring, and there are ways that we can work together to motivate your child in mathematics or any other subject area he or she is having difficulties. If you’d like more information on one on one tutoring, the prefered method at The Tutoring Center  or you’re interested in setting up your child’s first tutoring session, for tutoring in Kansas City, contact us at 816-781-0000.


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