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In the first two weeks of school, what should you be looking for in your child and his school experience? First, listen to what they say about the class, school and teacher.  Some students will only give a really short answer right after school, but later in the evening when they have processed the day, they may want to share more.

Second, do they have homework?  Check the backpack of the young ones and be assertive with the older students.  A "no" doesn't always mean no when it comes to homework.  If not, make sure they are reading every night.  Some teachers even require a reading log. A home log would help you know how much they are reading, even if the teacher doesn't assign a log. The log should at minimum record the date and the minutes read.  The number of pages and a brief summary of what they read is a good addition.

Finally, if your school district has online grade viewing, sign up and take a look.  If you are unsure how to do that, contact your child's school for directions. Checking the grading system weekly helps you keep track of your child's progress during the whole school year.  It prevents that nasty shock some parents experience at the end of the reporting period.


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