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It's not easy to keep children inspired, especially in the middle of the school year. If you are experiencing this at home, implementing a system of rewards and consequences could be just the incentive your child needs to go the extra mile. Next, The Tutoring Center, Kansas City, shares some strategies so that you can enforce this method at home.

A Reward Is Not the Same as a Bribe

First, you must acknowledge that a reward is a compensation that your child will receive for doing what's expected of them correctly. You can use physical and other emotional rewards as incentives.
  • Physical rewards include stickers, small toys, gifts, privileges (like watching TV), choosing what to eat for dinner, or earning points to earn a special treat.
  • Emotional rewards include gestures of sincere praise and appreciation. However, be careful not to overpraise. Children can tell the difference between a genuine compliment and an exaggerated one.

Let Your Child Be a Part of This Dynamic

Give your children a say in choosing their reward. Doing this from time to time can make the reward more desirable. Open yourself to the possibility of creating a "menu" of prizes if you feel like it. If your children seem to be losing motivation after a couple of weeks, it might be convenient to change the reward, but let them know beforehand.

No matter how prepared your child might be, they could be prone to feeling down and done in the middle of their school year. Luckily, tutoring in Kansas City is always an option you can resort to help them improve their grades and feel motivated by their academic success. Call The Tutoring Center, Kansas City, to learn about their programs and help your child fulfill their educational potential. To learn more, give them a call at 816-781-0000.


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