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Time management is crucial for success in your studies, and The Tutoring Center in Kansas City is here to help you! We are all familiar with entire days draining away, being wasted on procrastinating. These five tips will ensure you make the best of your time and achieve your goals with ease.

Break Your Time into Blocks

Nobody can work solidly 24 hours a day, we all require a rest now and then. To make sure your day is structured to allow for optimum productivity, try breaking your time down into 50 minute blocks. Between each block of work, take a 10 minute break to stretch your legs or grab a snack. These short breaks will keep your energy up and help alleviate boredom, meaning your work time is all the more productive.

Plan Ahead

It is all to easy to simply jump in to studying with no clear objectives, but this is far from the most effective method. Be sure to create a daily/weekly plan detailing what you aim to achieve that day and how long you estimate you need to get that done. This can be a to-do list or, if you are a more visual learner, a color-coded calendar. This will help keep you focused on the tasks at hand.


If you have a long to-do list, it can be very tempting to start with the simple tasks. Be sure to prioritize the most important or more difficult tasks for earlier in your work day, when you have more energy and drive to tackle them.

Stay Organized

A lot of time can be wasted frantically searching for books or papers you need for your studies. Keeping organized means cutting out this wasted time. We provided some tips in an earlier post that will help you stay organized.

Review Your Work Methods

At the end of each day or each week, take a moment to think about how effective your work has been over that period. Perhaps you become restless after 30 minute periods of work, and therefore need to shorten your blocks of time to cater for this. Perhaps your to-do lists are not detailed enough so do not provide enough focus. Everyone studies in a different way, so make sure your methods are the most appropriate for you!

If time management or any other area of study is proving difficult for you, The Tutoring Center in Kansas City are here for you. Call on 816-781-0000 to learn how we can help.


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