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Tips That Can Help Increase Your Child's Attention Span

If your child has a hard time concentrating on school work or in any other scenario, these tips can help them improve their attention span.

Play Memory Games

Playing memory games with your child works on improving not only their memory skills but also their ability to focus and stay concentrated for periods of time. Playing games like Simon Says, I Spy, or even matching cards can help them build up and practice their ability to stay focused. They'll likely be willing participants because these games are actually quite fun without feeling academic.

Remove Visual Distractions

Many people suffer from lack of focus due to the many distractions that surround them. Although parents may not notice it, they may be just as distracted as their children. While children may have a hard time completing homework because of distractions caused by video games, the television, or messages from friends, parents may be distracted by work emails and their own social media accounts. To help your child stay focused while completing homework, remove the distractions that cause breaks in their concentration. Have your child work in a room with minimal noise, no television, and have them leave their cell phone in another room. You'll be surprised how much more concentrated they are and how much faster they can finish assignments.

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