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Creativity is that original and innovative capacity that doesn't start from a mathematical or logical deduction. It's that spark of character in children between 6 and 8 years old. Luckily, it's a skill that students, and pretty much anyone, can learn regardless of whether your children have this gift or not.

Choose Colors

Color the same picture in four different ways. Feel free to choose the colors to paint what you want. But it's essential to keep in mind the four different approaches with the colors. Then, it will make the children think and choose which one they like the most out of the four options.

Power to the Imagination

Let children come up with their point of view. You can also exercise this with teenagers by presenting rare objects to them to guess their purpose. For example, a pen is suitable for writing, conducting an orchestra, and so on.

Traits of Creative Children

  • Verbal fluency. Ideas and associations are quickly expressed.
  • Flexibility is not to be obsessed with a single approach, path, or point of view; there are many perspectives.
  • Originality, which is surprising for the newness of what is proposed, as well as for its degree of success or subtlety.
  • Exceptional sensitivity, there is always a possibility of improvement; no artist "finishes" a piece, but at some point, is forced to abandon it.

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