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What Is Academic Burnout?

There is no doubt that school can get stressful for students, but this stress shouldn't go beyond a certain level. If you're worried that your child is suffering from academic burnout, look out for these signs.

Constant Fatigue

Students who are suffering from burnout will show signs of constant fatigue. While students may feel tired after a long week, fatigue goes beyond this. Your child may not just be physically exhausted, they will also show signs of emotional and mental exhaustion. Even if they get a good night's sleep, their fatigue simply won't go away.

Change in Habits

Students who are feeling burned out may start to change their healthy habits for not so healthy habits. Your students may start to skip meals and even lose sleep because of their emotional state. The level of stress, pressure, and exhaustion they're dealing with may not let them enjoy activities they once enjoyed, so their social habits may change as well.

Loss of Motivation

If your child feels tons of pressure to perform well and they can no longer deal with the stress of it all, they may also start to lose their motivation. Even if they took pride in being at the top of their class, they may start to ignore their homework and simply stop studying for important tests. If you're worried that your child is dealing with academic burnout, it will take some lifestyle changes to make things better. It takes time to adjust and your child may even need to let go of some of their commitments, but putting their health and wellbeing first should always be more important.

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