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Encourage Your Child to Be Productive During School Breaks

Most students are looking forward to the upcoming winter break because this gives them the perfect opportunity to relax for a couple weeks. While your child should use this time for a break from their academic routine, it doesn't mean academics should completely go out the window. Instead, encourage your child to stay academically active while having fun.

Leisure Reading

Reading is a great activity that is not only academic, it can also be loads of fun. Encourage your child to foster a love of reading by allowing them to choose what they want to read. Many students may claim to not like reading, but this may be because they never get to choose their own reading material. Take your child to the local library and allow them to pick out books that interest them. Set some daily reading time at home that you can both participate in, in order to establish a daily reading habit.

Prepare Activities for Trips

If your family is taking a road trip to visit family this winter, be prepared with fun academic activities for the road. For children who are learning letters and numbers, games involving license plates can help with letter and number recognition. Older students may benefit from having books to read or doing research on a tablet about the landmarks you are passing.

Give Your Child Time to Relax

Although academics should form a part of your child's break, don't forget to also allow them time to relax. Allowing your child to play outside, do some holiday baking, or just hang out with friends can help them return to school refreshed and ready to work in the new year.

Tutoring in Kansas City

Tutoring in Kansas City can help keep your child's brain active through winter break. Contact The Tutoring Center, Kansas City MO at (816) 781-0000 to learn about how tutoring can help your child catch up or even get ahead this winter break.


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