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Fun Summer Writing Activities

No matter how old your child is, summer writing practice will help them put their writing abilities to use while also helping them improve these abilities. The Tutoring Center, Kansas City MO has some tips to encourage children of all ages to write this summer.

Simple Writing Practice for Beginners

If you have a young child who is just learning to write words, summer is a great time to get in some writing practice. Fun outdoor writing practice with sidewalk chalk can make writing less of a chore and more of a fun game. Handing your child the responsibility of writing a grocery shopping list or a guest list for your next barbecue will make them more eager to practice their skills. Simple activities like these may not seem very challenging but are great practice for beginners.

Start a Summer Journal

For children who are a bit older, a summer journal is a great way to encourage constant writing practice during their break from school. To make writing less of a chore, allow your child to write about things that interest them. They can use their journal to write about their daily adventures, create short stories, or write about books, movies, and television shows. Allow your child to get creative with drawings, photos, and other fun details.

Create a Zine

Older children may benefit from producing their own zine. Zines, basically informal magazines, are self-published works that include original texts and images. Have your child get together with some friends to come up with a topic that they can create a zine around. They can design a cover and a layout where they will present their own texts and images. These can be original photos and drawings, as well as essays, poetry, and opinion pieces. Because the zine is their own work, they can include just about anything. Once the zine is ready, print a few copies to distribute.

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