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Learning in the Summer

Have you ever heard of the summer slide?  It's something that can affect your child's learning, and therefore something every parent should be familiar with.  The summer slide is a reference to what happens to young minds when they sit idle for the three months of summer vacation.  Such idleness can result in a regression for the student, and a possible loss of the gains made during the previous school year.

Ways to Avoid Summer Slide

The summer slide specifically refers to the loss of reading achievement over the summer months.  Students of all ages need to keep reading over the summer in order to retain what they've learned during the school year.  So how can parents help?  Here are some possible ways:
  • Many schools provide their students with a summer reading list.  If not, provide your student with one of your own.
  • Work reading into other family activities.
  • Beat the heat by going to the library.
  • Pick up a book and lead by example.
  • Structure your child's time so that he or she has good daily opportunities to read.

What If Your Child Seems to Need Help?

Perhaps due to summer slide, or for whatever reason, it's becoming clear that your child needs some reading help.  The great news is that there is help available in the form of tutoring in Kansas City.  Here at the Tutoring Center, we provide tutoring help to students of all levels and across all subjects.  If your student needs reading help, math help, or perhaps just homework help in general, we are here to lend a hand.

Tutoring in Kansas City

For professional and experienced tutoring in Kansas City, give us a call now at 816 781 0000. We even offer a Free Diagnostic Assessment to all potential students in order to help get them started.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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