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Help Your Child Overcome Procrastination

When your child starts to procrastinate, it can be hard to get them to break the habit. As they struggle more and more to get their work done in a timely manner, it can really interrupt their week. If this is the case, use these tips to help them overcome procrastination.

Get Their Tasks Organized

Oftentimes, students will struggle with their workload because they're overwhelmed. If they have a lot to do, they may not know where to get started, causing them to put it all off. To help your child get to work, start by having them write down their tasks so that they're not just floating around in their head. Next, have them organize these in order of importance so that they can tackle them in an order that makes the most sense.

Cut out Distractions

If your child is known to get distracted while working, then it's important that you actively remove their biggest distractors from their work area. Whether they get distracted by items, like their cellphone, or by things like hunger, work out what it is you should remove from their work area so that they can focus and complete their work efficiently.

Try out Incentives

Using incentives can help your child feel more motivated to get their work done. You don't have to promise them a new toy every day, but allowing them to pick dinner for that night or choose a special dessert can be enough to keep them motivated to complete their work.

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