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Boost Your Child's School Successes This Year

Even if you don't believe in setting New Year's resolutions, use the new year as an excuse to encourage new beginnings for your student. Allow your child to start off the new year with a clean slate and encourage them to do their best at school with these tips.

Resolve to Be More Organized

Organization can be a tricky thing for students who have a ton going on, yet it is also the key to success for these very same students. Encourage your child to get their activities in order with the help of organization tools. If they have a planner but never seem to use it, help them develop the healthy habit of writing down important dates, assignments, and other activities in their day planner. As they get more accustomed to this, they can develop an even more organized and color-coded system to help them keep track of different dates.

Keep Things Tidy

A messy backpack, untidy locker, and disheveled notebooks can all lead to a messy mind. Help your child clean out all of these items at least once a week so that they can keep better track of important notes, assignments, and other items they may have otherwise lost. Over time they may start to actually keep things tidy to the point where weekly cleanings are no longer necessary.

Ask Plenty of Questions

Many students struggle to keep up in class because they're too afraid to ask questions when they're lost. If your child is quite shy, asking a simple question may seem like an impossible goal. Encourage them to lose their fear without pushing them too hard. Once they start asking questions, they may develop a new confidence along with their improved classroom habits.

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