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January is the perfect time to set goals. Help your child decide on some goals for the rest of the year and keep them. 

Goals Should be SMART

The problem with setting goals is that most of us don’t know how to set them. We tend to be too vague or overly ambitious. Children don’t know any better when it comes to goal setting. So if you want them to follow through on their resolutions for the New Year, you will have to help them set their goals smartly. Here is a short guide to what makes a smart goal.

SMART Goals Are

  • Specific: When setting a goal, you need to define precisely what you want to accomplish and how you will do it. Your child might want to do better in school. How much better? In which area? The right way to set this goal would be: “I want to raise my math grade from a B to an A. To get there I will have better homework habits, participate more in class, and sign up for tutoring classes.
  • Measurable: If your child doesn’t notice any changes, they will most likely get bored and give up.  You need to be able to measure your progress. So help your child set steps and define how they will know if they’re improving.
  • Achievable: If your child wants to improve their grades, they should focus on specific subjects. Saying they will get all A’s is too ambitious. Their goals should be achievable and within their capabilities. Not too easy and not too complicated.
  • Realistic: Their goals need to be believable and realistic. If they don’t have enough time to study, they won’t be able to raise their grades. There shouldn’t be any impediments that can make their goals unreachable.
  • Timely: All goals need to have a time frame. Your child should give themselves enough time to meet their promises, but not too much time that they won’t feel a sense of urgency.

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