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Tips to Help Your Child Get Organized

If your child struggles with school due to their inability to master organization, these tips can help them stay on track.

Set Daily Schedules

Daily schedules and routines are a great way to organize and simplify your child's academic life. A bedtime routine will ensure your child gets enough sleep and is ready to concentrate daily. A morning routine will help your child get up on time and be ready for the day without rushing. A homework routine will ensure your child is ready to tackle their daily homework assignments without resistance. A great way to keep track of these important times is by setting alarms that will help keep your child organized and ready for what's to come.

Remove Clutter

Clutter in your child's backpack, locker, folders, and work area can mean trouble. Not only will it be harder to keep track of assignments, notes, and other important documents, physical clutter can also lead to mental clutter. Help your child by setting decluttering time once a week. You can use the weekends to help your child sort through their backpack, notebooks, and work area to get them organized and neat. You may not be able to get their locker completely decluttered, but you can encourage them to stay on top of it.

Introduce Organization Tools

Organization tools are a great way to ensure your child develops healthy organization habits. Encourage your child to use a calendar to keep track of important upcoming dates and events and a daily planner to write down daily assignments. You can also have them use colored pens, post-its, and other tools to keep their notes neat and tidy.

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