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Ensure Your Child Gets the Right Amount of Sleep Every Night

Sleep is important for people of all ages but potentially even more so for your child. We've all heard that you need sleep to grow, but did you know it can also affect your child's academic performance? To learn more about why sleep is so important, continue reading.

Why Sleep Is a Must for Students

Getting the right amount of sleep every night can help students stay mentally and physically healthy. Not only does sleep fight off crankiness and restlessness, it can also help your child stay focused and alert in the classroom. This, of course, can lead your child to better grades and an easier time understanding their lessons. Keep in mind that the amount of sleep is just as important as maintaining a regular sleep pattern.

Develop a Healthy Bedtime Routine

Some studies have shown that students who go to bed at the same time every night tend to perform better academically. To help your child develop a regular sleep pattern, create a bedtime routine they can follow. To ensure they have an easier time falling asleep on time, have them dedicate the hour before their bedtime to relaxing activities like reading or meditating. This will help them wind down and fall asleep.

How Many Hours of Sleep Does Your Child Need?

Students of different ages will benefit from a different amount of sleep. School-age children need more sleep and can benefit from sleeping 9 to 11 hours a night. Teens may have a harder time getting their rest thanks to tough school assignments, but they should be getting 8 to 10 hours of sleep a night. Keep in mind that if your child is regularly sleeping a significantly larger amount than the one recommended for their age group, it may not be a good thing.

After School Tutoring in Kansas City

Getting enough sleep is only one of the many ways your child can stay on the right academic track. To help them perform even better, consider enrolling them in tutoring in Kansas City. Contact The Tutoring Center, Kansas City MO at (816) 781-0000 to get more information about their academic programs and how these can help your child reach their academic potential.


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